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About Brew-N-Wine Creations


Brew-N-Wine Creations began in 2009 when Gordon Stevens and Don Kaiser identified the need for such a store in the south central Minnesota area.

They each had 10 years of brewing experience and had been driving nearly 80 miles one way to pick up supplies for their hobby. That spawned the dream to open up their own shop in Mankato.

The intent was not just to provide a store that handled products, but a place people could gather to share ideas and get help with their brewing. They wanted Brew-N-Wine to serve as a catalyst for other social events connected to the brewing community.

The store officially opened on January 2, 2009 and has seen steady growth since then as the interest in brewing has spread throughout south central Minnesota. The family-oriented store, now run by the Stevens Family, continues to expand to meet the needs of the brewing public.

The main goal of Brew-N-Wine Creations is to lend continuing support to the area brewing community. The store welcomes suggestions from brewers and customers on the best way to serve their clientele.

We are a Supporting Member of the American Home Brewers Association.

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