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Our brewing department features Brewer’s Best one and five gallon kits, bulk malts, and all the ingredients & equipment to brew small or large batches of your favorite beer. A huge selection of hops and yeasts wait in our refrigerators for your recipes. Brew-N-Wine is an authorized dealer for Blichmann Engineering...high performance brewing equipment.

BREWERS BEST 1 & 5-gal. ingredient kits

  • Stouts: Oatmeal, Whisky, Russian Imperial, Irish, Milk
  • Porters: Robust, Coffee, Smoked
  • Ales: English Pale, American Pale, Red, Cream, Scottish, English Brown, Honey Brown, Scottish, Belgian Golden
  • IPAs: India Pale, Black, Belgian, Pacific Coast, Extra, White
  • Seasonals: Falconer’s Flight, Holiday Ale, Dunkle Weizenbock


  • Blichmann Engineering Brewing Equipment
  • FastFerment conical fermenters and accessories
  • FerMonster 6 gallon P.E.T. carboys with 4” mouth
  • 6 gallon primary fermenting buckets & lids
  • Glass carboys & 6 gallon P.E.T. carboys
  • Grain mills and kegging equipmen

Hard sparkling cider that’s packed full of flavor. From pure apple to blends like cherry, cranberry, pear, etc.

Hops balance the sweetness in your beer from the malt and create a more well-rounded beer. Choose from our wide range of pellet hops for bittering, adding aroma and flavor, or dry-hopping.

We carry a large selection of dry & liquid beer yeast. A fine selection of 1 pound malts and all your additives and finings needs. Check out our bulk base grain bins & mill.